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…That’s all.
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All of Kisumi Shigino’s lines from Free! ES ep. 8   (ω◕✿)

if I could kiss your voice I would 

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Free! Eternal Summer || Ep. 08: Shigino Kisumi

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Nagisa kun, can you translate "kiss me" into Japanese?
isn't it just "boku ni kisu shite"?
that's  what i thought.
I overheard Makoto senpai saying "kiss me" just now.
huh?! who did mako chan say "kiss me" to?
both of you, your pronunciation is horrible! it's "kiss me."
Next episode, "The Locomotive of a Twist!"
Kiss me. (x11)
Perfect Body.
Perfect Body.
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I’m gonna try really hard today!

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I don’t care, go on and tear me apart
I don’t care if you do, ooh
'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
I think I see you

'Cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view

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K I s S m E k I S s M E K i S s m E k I S s m E | Free! E.08 Preview